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Diaper-Depot for Car Dealers

Extend your hospitality to the young families that come to your showroom by giving them a safe, convenient place for diaper changes. We all know buying a car can be a long process. Parents with babies have a harder time concentrating on the deal when their baby needs attention. Install Diaper-Depot in your restrooms and show these customers that you understand.  

You take the extra effort to make the customer service lounge comfortable and inviting by offering coffee and TV. When a mom or dad has a baby, the wait time feels even longer. By offering a quiet place to tend to their baby’s needs shows you care about customer service and strive to make your customer’s wait as pleasant as possible.


Diaper- Depot: 

  • Easily installs in your restrooms.
  • A breeze to keep clean.  
  • Trouble free use for years.
  • Folds out of the way when not in use.
  • Three shapes to fit your space.
  • Several colors to match your décor.
  • Sanitary bed liners available.  

Diaper-Depot understands keeping babies secure and making this necessary task as convenient and safe as possible.

 And don’t forget to put one up in the men’s room too!